Irie adj \I ' -ree\ 1: Term meaning pleasing, excellent, and the state of great feeling 2: Shorthand for 'I Respect I Eternally' in the popular Jamaican religion of Rastafarianism.

At Everything Irie Travel, we strive to ensure that every traveler
has an irie vacation experience!

About Everything Irie Travel
Everything Irie Travel opened its doors in 2000 with a mission to provide excellent service to our customers. In 2004, we became incorporated and begin to expand by adding professional travel agents. Today, the agency has five professional travel agents working to provide an irie travel experience to every customer.

At Everything Irie Travel, we pride ourselves on providing every customer the same professional and courteous service. No travel arrangement is too small or too large. We cater to groups and individuals by making arrangements for any type of trip including bus trips, church retreats and getaways, honeymoons, international travel, family reunions, cruises, and spa trips.

Our Agents

Jacqueline Williams, Owner and Manager
Area of Expertise: Caribbean Destinations and Group Travel

A founding member of Professional Travel Agents of North America, an organization whose mission is to provide education to travel professionals, Jacqueline is the owner and manager of Everything Irie Travel. Prior to opening the agency, Jacqueline worked for various travel agencies throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area for several years.

Jacqueline has travelled extensively throughout the world. These experiences allow her to provide firsthand knowledge of various destinations. Jaqueline's destination specialty is the Caribbean where she has planned numerous destination weddings, group trips, and spa vacations. She has also obtained a Cruise Counselor Accreditation while still holding numerous certifications such as Certified Caribbean Destination Specialist, Certified Sandals Specialist, Aruba Tourism Authority Certification, Barbados Elite Counselor Certification, Princess Cruise Commodore, Special Needs Certification and Disney Travel Specialist.

Diana Johnson, Travel Agent
Area of Expertise: Europe, Asia, U.S. and Cruise Vacations

As a retired Department of Defense employee, Diana Johnson endeavors to use personal and professional experiences that required her to travel extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Caribbean and within the U.S. to gain first-hand knowledge of various destinations.  Prior to retirement, Diana made travel arrangements for many members  of the Department of Defense.  She has also planned numerous cruise and land destination vacations for current customers both domestically and internationally.  Ms. Johnson has been working for "Everything Irie Travel" since August 2008.  She has received the following certifications and training certificates: Certified Counselor Accreditation, Sandals Specialist, Caymankind Specialist, Barbados Elite Club, MGM Resorts International and Treasure Island Specialist.

Spencer and Denise Vaughan, Travel Agents
Area of Expertise: Luxury Domestic & International Vacations

Spencer and Denise have been with us for several years. They bring a wealth of knowledge about cruising to the agency. They have completed over 100 cruises on virtually every cruise line afloat. Spencer and Denise are extremely knowledgeable about the more luxurious vacation destinations that includes one of a kind villas and hotels. They work tirelessly for every customer but luxury travel is their specialty. They are also world-wide travelers.

Tina Gross Jones, Travel Agent
Area of Expertise: Corporate Travel, Accessible Travel and Extended Hotel Stays

Tina Gross Jones has been associated with Everything Irie Travel for a few years but travel has been one of her passions since childhood. Tina's specialities include the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Extended Hotel Stays. Due to Tina's affiliation with the blind community, she is sensitive to the needs of those with various disabilities. She is knowledgable about accessibility of resorts and can help you select not only the perfect vacation destination but also the resort that fits your special needs and wants. Tina has also worked in the corporate world for several years and has ventured into making corporate travel arrangements.